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POETRY is in everything.

Below is a collection of poems by Caroline Wright you will find immersed in her blog. Here, you can read the poetry alone with some insights to help you understand the meaning behind each verse.

Fresh Blend

A bittersweet end blossoms

into a beautiful, new beginning.

Losing the Man

of My Dreams

A two-week long romance

that was, quite frankly,

two weeks too long.

Thank God for Gravity

With each vertical step, 
we part with the departed, 

but somehow always meet back

at ground level.

The Shattering of Advice

People often tell you

what they think you should do

(based on what they would do); 

however, embrace the times when you know best.

Poker with the

Queen of Hearts

Love is a game.

 Sometimes you have to up your ante to attract a better pot.

Playing Cat & Mouse

Are you the one chasing,

or are you being chased?

Likeness of a Rose

Look past the petals of a rose

and you're sure to feel 

only thorns.

My Stunted Imagination

Because someone's morning beverage preference

can really be a deal breaker

Man to Man

Too much of the same hormone

can be a turnoff.

Standing at the End

of the Earth

This poem is suggestive of

love's spherical nature,

like that of Mother Earth.

To: Ricky

From: Vicky

Recounting the events

leading up to Caroline's

initial Tinder download.

Sweet Rain

Imagine if tears could promote

as much growth

as rain...

Who's driving the convertible?


an awesome,

automated force.

Mint Condition

Notice the arousal of

strange comfort when

overcoming certain biases.

Making an impression

Feel the push & pull of tension in a relationship, even with yourself.

Flip of the Switch

Some people turn up,

just to surprise us.

Put a Band-Aid on it.

How sweet it is ~

when good things stick.

Questioning Empathy

19 words.

3 poems (in 1).

all in  your mind

A reminder that possibility

opens from the inside.

Oh, Henry.

A sensual piece,

about those who make life

extra peachy.

Dreaming With Eyes Open

Contemplating what it feels like

to live someone else's dream.

when there are no words,

use these

After a loss, 

when you're at a loss:
a reflection.

mating grounds

Animal attributes & behavior

across species can have

surprising similarities.


After a long day, a long night.

Rest, and repeat.

Columbine Heart 

When your life isn't working,
make like a homing pigeon

(a.k.a. carrier pigeon)

and find your way home.

Two Rabbits

The best strategy to survive

in this dog eat dog world may be

to find your fellow rabbits.

White Rain

Patience is like

going to bed in winter

but waking up to spring.

The Painter

Life is a canvas;

its art.

Dating an Onion


Lots and lots of layers.

Memoir of a Zookeeper

An odd couple 

and a fly on the wall. 

Oh, and a glass of gin.

Stuck at an Intersection

Automated vehicles.

Automated people.

Taste / Test

Choose with care
the people who you

surround yourself with.


Like a useless object,
a former lover.


Really, what
would you do?

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