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On being well-rounded

Bullit Proof Polka Dot - Hester Van Dapperen -

Sure, I have several New Year's Resolutions: 1. Take more pictures.

2. Save more money.

3. Make more money to achieve #2.

4. Finally take that trip to South Africa.

5. Wait, you may want to rethink #4. It would would defeat the purpose of #2.

6. But I'm putting money away into my 401k plan again!

7. Good point. Just be sure to take a lot of pictures.


Oh, Henry.

You are



make me feel

and I rub


which makes


warm and fuzzy,




making pies

and me


I water


so that


grow back each year.

And then

I pick








sweetest peach.


During New Year's, people from the Philippines have a thing for polka dots. Really they're quite favorable of round things in general. Coins, grapes, and other circular objects are all auspicious; believed to attract money and good fortune. One of my Filipino friends has never celebrated a ball drop outside of a family member's home during this time. He always celebrates with the same people, although a few faces change from year to year. So, while others are busy trying to get "busy" in new and exciting ways, others are doing the same thing with the same people. Again.

People they know.

People they trust.

People they love.

People called family.

Not a bad idea, perhaps. Because times come and go, years change, and so do people (and faces). But sometimes, if you're really lucky (and, apparently, wearing spots), you end up one year older, one year later, surrounded by the same people, all miraculously changing with you.

Quite possibly the loveliest full circle imaginable.


I wish you all a very well-rounded 2017.

Cheers! :)


Contemporary visual artist, Hester Van Dapperen, of Amsterdam, enjoys painting people in motion on a background of modern life. She finds much of her inspiration in urban environments of metropolitan areas. She began at the Fashion Academy in Amsterdam and even designed clothing for brands like Oilily and Mexx. However, the visual arts were her passion which she turned into her profession. She was even accepted into a master class with well-known German artist, Jorg Immendorf.

Hester always wants to make the importance of used materials visible in her work.

You can view more of her conceptual art on her website:

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