Poetry, like people, can be hard to read.

Give them both a second chance.

Make a date with poetry.  

Dating a Poet ~ a poetry-infused relationship blog ~

People tend to have a love-hate relationship with poetry, like they do with their exes. Dating a Poet offers to make the existence of both more enjoyable, by pairing poetry with lighthearted stories about relationships and life.


In addition to poetry, the site offers beautiful artwork from around the world, plus date ideas to help make any event more poetic.

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the poet behind the blog

When I finished my first collection of poetry (Chemistry, Not Science), I noticed the entire book was about my dating life—first, as a young girl with plenty of crushes, then as a married woman, and, later, a widow. After publishing the book, I came to realize this truth: we are all, in one form or another, always dating. If we're not dating anyone else, we're dating ourselves.

For my next writing endeavor, I decided to pair poetry and relationships since some people do not relate to poetry alone. But relationships? Yeah, everyone can relate to that.



the book behind the blog

A poetic story of love and loss with hopeful and intertwining themes of persistence, change, and renewal.


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Dating a Poet's blog incorporates both poetry and art in every post. If you own original poetry, art, music, or mixed media content, and would like to be featured for an upcoming theme, contact me to be considered.

*Please include your website URL and any relevant links along with your submission for review. 



People are always looking for great date ideas for individuals, couples, and groups. If you have a cool date  idea, feel free to share!

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